Sadvidya provides a new beginning by imparting the most valuable asset in a man’s life, education. Each child is considered an embodiment of God, but each one of them does not receive equal opportunities in life. Sadvidya is a small endeavour to fulfil the missing opportunities in the lives of underprivileged children by helping them in the much needed education.

We listen, reflect, teach and improve – and help them in leading their way through every obstacle that hampers their education. Thus, we choose capable minds that are able to and are willing to learn more and achieve more in life from standards VI to X. A student is selected on basis of mental capabilities and economic deprivation. Selected students are admitted in best schools that fosters an overall development of these children. Role of Sadvidya does not end once the child is admitted into a new school. A close check is kept on a student’s progress in school until he/she graduates from school.

Sadvidya is not only a platform to children for better education but also for compassionate members of society who are willing to render help to the destitute children of the society. A change in society cannot be brought single-handedly and therefore we have sponsorship programs, where any individual willing to support our cause can help economically and by means. He/she can sponsor school fees, books, uniform, coaching fees and medical expenses of a child. Also willing members can join our mentorship and volunteer programs.