Education is not just a way to accumulate knowledge, but a path to acquire wisdom from your observations. It helps one think, form and fortify new ideas and build upon them to refund the society for its resources used. The word ‘SADVIDYA’ denotes “Good and true education”, but many children in the society, due to various reasons, are devoid of their rightful education and therefore, the project ‘SADVIDYA’ identifies underprivileged children and aims to offer new opportunities for every child in the society.

Our focus is to make them realize their true potential so that they become responsible citizens of the society and prove to be its assets than accumulating as liabilities. We at ‘SADVIDYA’ will listen, reflect, teach and improve – and help them in leading their way through every obstacle that hampers their development. Therefore, the aim is not only to provide access to better and quality education but also to make sure that every child has access to education that is meaningful to them.

It is an initiative of few socially aware students who aspire to bring changes in the society by their small efforts. The biggest problem that our country faces is the lack of education and thus, SADVIDYA is trying to create a solution to this problem. Few students from destitute families who cannot afford good education will be given a chance to study in good schools so that they learn and grow. SADVIYA will not only provide for school fees but also books, uniforms, extra coaching if needed and medical assistance to the selected student. SADVIDYA won’t leave hands once a child is in the school but will continue to monitor his/her progress in school until he/she graduates.

Our Vision

"Spread happiness by making education a reality for those who only dream of going to school"

Our Mission

Sadvidya aims to support every child suffering from destitution, to provide education to every mind that aspires to be knowledgeable, to provide books to every hand that wishes to belong to a great school. At Sadvidya the mission is to fulfill the dreams of every child who hopes to be a part of a school that can help him achieve his dreams.

The following milestones are planned to be achieved in the near future:

  • Building up of Library: A library plays a great role in the life of a student, therefore we plan to provide a library open to all students, with all the necessitated resources.
  • Expanding our outreach: We plan to extend our outreach to cover all the underprivileged sections.
  • The increment of the facilities provided: With a good education, good food and clothing are also necessary for the holistic development of a child, thus we plan to cater to all such needs of the children enrolled with SADVIDYA.
  • Increasing enrolments: Providing the benefits to a greater number of children.
  • Legal Aid Clinic: Setting up a legal aid clinic to help the needy fight for their rights and get what they deserve.
  • Counseling: A healthy mind is as necessary as a healthy body. We not only plan to cater to physical needs of the students but also mental development, therefore, regular sessions for the students enrolled to be conducted.