Situated in central India, Sanawad is a town 70km from the enthralling city of Indore. A town known for its Jain temples is also a hub for cotton and pepper traders. However, there are various poverty stricken families struggling to make a day’s meal. Hundreds of children in the town of Sanavad only think of going to a formal school which provides them with proper education. Children from these deprived families are working as child labourers in the pepper market to help the family economically and if few lucky feet reach the doors of school, the smile on their faces drops because of the inhuman conditions of the school. Sadvidya will help these children reach to a school which provides them education to enhance their capabilities, to save them from the atrocities of child labour, and build a meaningful childhood for them.      


Bediya is a small village in Khargone district of Mahdya Pradesh and about 90km from the city of Indore. It is an economically and socially backward village with almost no connectivity with the other areas of the State, even the nearest railway station is about 80km away from the village. With about 4-5 schools in the entire village, children at Bediya only dream of receiving quality education. Numerous children do not go to school and even if some go to schools, the conditions of the schools are not fit for education with almost any facilities for children. Sadvidya will reach out to these children and make their dreams true.