Born in the small town of Bediya, he has always been very close to the rural life, their day-to-day struggles and the hardships they face. With a zeal to bring about a change in the lives of people he incepted the idea of Saksharta Sadvidya at a very early age. Being a law student at a premier law institute he understood the importance of education and its role in building a man, and his knowledge of lack of good schooling in small towns acted as the last nail in coffin. Determination, hard-work, and infinite efforts made his dream into a reality.  

Priyam Jain (President)

Since early childhood she has been very sensitive to the needs of the society and always thought of bringing a substantial change. Inspired by her teacher she started an environment awareness club in her society at the age of 12. In the very first year of college she became part of IDIA Odisha Chapter and worked with them for two years, which brought her even closer to the detriments of the people around. Finally, she decided to do something at a larger level and joined hands with Mr. Priyam Jain and incorporated Saksharta Sadvidya. 

Kirtika Goyal

Vice President

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